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What has pain stopped you from doing?

At Elev8 Movement, this is the first question we ask. The answer plays a key role in determining the best individualized treatment plan for our patients. 


We strive to understand what each of our patients care about the most so they can reach their goals and reclaim the life that pain has taken from them. 

Many of our clients are people who suffer from chronic pain and have struggled to find relief via conventional physical therapy, which is often narrowly focused on a particular area that has been injured. Elev8 Movement is different. How?


Our approach to health and wellness is based on treating the whole-body, not just the area of pain. 


With over 13 years of experience in providing individualized and evidenced-based injury assessments and evaluations we create a comprehensive “plan of care” with specialized rehabilitation, restorative, and wellness techniques. In keeping with our holistic approach these can include:


Wellness Care • Physical Therapy • Personal Training • Behavioral Health


Our direct payment model allows for treatment driven by patient goals, not by a predetermined number of visits or other limitations dictated by insurance companies. With this freedom, treatment goals can often be accomplished sooner vs. conventional therapies.

Physical Therapy

If you are ready to invest in your health, book a FREE 30 Minute Wellness Consultation. You will begin your journey to getting back to things that matter most to you – the jog you have been waiting to take, the trip to the gym, the walk on the nature trail, running to keep up with your kids, or simply getting out of the chair. 
Don’t let another day go by where pain has stopped you from living life to the fullest – Elev8 Movement can help. 

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Personal Training 

Going to the gym can be intimidating, frustrating and time consuming trying to figure out what you should do each time you go. Unfortunately, we start with a new gym membership and stop going to the gym shortly after. All the goals we had to tone up, strengthen and have more energy fall to the waste side.

Don't give up on your goals, vision or yourself. Sometimes all we need is some direction and accountability.

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Keeping our Community Safe during Covid-19 

Elev8 Movement LLC is seeing clients in-person. However, Physical therapy clients have the option to get services via telehealth. If a client chooses in-person care, we will be following guidelines put forth by the CDC to keep our employees, clients and community safe from this virus. We will follow necessary protocols to prevent the spread of this virus while providing service to our clients. The Elev8 Movement staff recommend hand washing and hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the facility. Clients and all visitors will have a temperature check and asked a series of questions about possible exposure and symptoms related to Covid-19 if they are exhibiting symptoms.

Dr. Steven Baptiste

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Mario Lahens


Professional Grade Supplements

For help with pain and nutritional needs, try our dispensary for supplementary support. Purchase professional grade supplements as a part of your health journey. 

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